The Business Life Podcast #013 - Sales 101 - The art of selling and reaching sales goals with Luke Sigle, The Vernon Company

Sales 101 - Reaching sales goals with Luke Sigle of The Vernon CompanyInvariably, successful businesses and business professionals are great at selling. After all, no sales equals no income!

Selling is typically not a skill that’s inherent or developed overnight. To start with, there’s always the fear of rejection. Even if you overcome that huge obstacle, there’s an art to selling that separates OK sales professionals from the GREAT sales professionals.

Me personally, I’ve had to work hard on honing my salesmanship, but the time I have spent doing so has paid off big time. The good news is anyone can become great at sales with the right strategies, techniques and lots of practice!

My guest on The Business Life podcast today is what I would call a Master of Sales. Luke Sigle is an account executive at The Vernon Company, one of the top 25 promotional products companies in the U.S. He was recently named the #1 account executive by volume at The Vernon Company out of 230. In today’s episode, Luke talks about his success in sales and how he’s been able to reach his sales goals. Take a listen!

About Luke Sigle & The Vernon Company

Luke Sigle is an account executive at The Vernon Company, the inventor of The Pick Hat and founder of the Mighty Micah Foundation.

The Vernon Company

Promotional products and apparel provide a low cost per impression marketing avenue that resonates with recipients. The true value of promotional items come from the impact they create between an organization and their customers, prospects or employees.

The Vernon Company helps deliver exceptional value to my customers through safe products, delivered on time at a great price. We provide a variety of services including promotional products, screen printed & embroidered apparel, domestic and overseas caps, customer importing, client web stores, product warehousing and order fulfillment.

The Pick Hat

The Pick Hat (QickPick LLC) custom caps have a pocket built into the visor for easy access and prominent display of a guitar pick. The perfect blend of products for guitar & music enthusiasts.

Mighty Micah Foundation

The Mighty Micah Foundation was founded in January 2016 after the death of Micah Elizabeth Sigle. Our mission is to support families in the NICU. We are excited to announce a new initiative called the Mighty Micah Foundation Research Fund. Our goal is to establish a research grant focused on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) and related treatments. Your generous gift will help raise the necessary money to award a scientific researcher a very important financial grant.

Learn more by visiting

To give visit

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How Luke was able to achieve his goal of becoming the #1 account executive by volume at The Vernon Company.
  • Tips for sales prospecting and delivering your sales pitch.
  • Tips for becoming comfortable with selling and communicating with your customers.
  • Luke’s lifestyle habits that help him be a successful sales professional.

Sales books recommended by Luke:

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