A-List Virtual Mastermind - Business Strategy Planning

What is the A-List Mastermind?

The A-List Virtual Mastermind is an online (live), structured workshop/round-table discussion group of business owners and individuals who are self-employed. Our objective is to spend time planning and working towards the success of our business long-term. We will meet virtually (through Zoom) twice per month, and collectively work with each other to make measurable and significant progress in our businesses.

Who is the A-List Mastermind intended for?

The A-List Mastermind is ideal for business owners, independent agents or anyone who works on commission. Some examples of individuals who would be great fits are (but not limited to):

  • financial advisors
  • real estate agents
  • insurance agents
  • bookkeeping
  • accountants/CPAs
  • plumbing/HVAC
  • landscaping or yard maintenance
  • electricians
  • handyman services
  • IT consulting and management services
  • web designers
  • graphic designers
  • digital marketing professionals
  • chiropractors
  • attorneys
  • sales professionals
  • health and wellness coaches
  • other service-based professions

Let’s talk specifics.

With COVID-19 and all of the uncertainty of our economy, we are in uncharted waters right now. The main goal of this Mastermind is to strategize and take action on the things we can control, to set ourselves up to succeed for the future.

Key areas that we will focus on:

  • Goal planning and restructuring of goals, and creating action plans for the short-term and long-term
  • Implementing systems for time management and gaining control of our schedule
  • Identifying and implementing processes for sales
  • Roundtable open discussions for addressing specific business challenges

Would you like to join us?

RIGHT NOW is the opportune time to collaborate and work on your business for the future! Let’s work together to make the most of today, and give our businesses a promising long-term path. If you would be interested in joining us for the A-List Virtual Mastermind, fill out the form below!

There is a small fee to be a part of the Mastermind, however, with all of the uncertainty happening, I want to keep this Mastermind affordable for anyone who is interested in joining. The investment will be $100/month, cancel at any time.

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