I started my own technology company in 2010 and within two years, I had more business than I could handle. I decided to take my business skills and help others develop
businesses that they could be proud of too.

Outside of business, I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, golfing and watching sports. You will likely find me enjoying a good cup of coffee too!

Andrew and Lauren Heim - Business Owners


My wife, Lauren, and I live in Kansas with our dog Bear (sorry, Bear, you didn’t make the final cut for photos!)

Lauren and I met in college at Kansas State University and got married in September of 2012. We are unique in that we are both small business owners and we both work from home. Lauren is a hand-lettering artist, selling products on her website, teaching hand-lettering classes and working on all types of custom projects.

As a family, we like to take nature walks together, frequently grab dessert to go and participate in family strategy sessions (even Bear!)


As my wife would tell you, I’m a serial networker. I enjoy grabbing coffee with others and learning about their business. If you’re interested in chatting about your business or simply want to learn more about business coaching, I’d love to visit with you too! Send me a message and we’ll set up a time. I’ll even send the coffee!