Thanks for stopping by and taking time to get to know me and about my passion for helping other businesses! I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their businesses too. If you’re interested in chatting or just grabbing a cup of coffee together, send me a message and we’ll set up a time in-person or even virtually!

Andrew Heim | Business Coach


I grew up in Hoxie, Kansas, a small town in the Northwest part of the state. Throughout my childhood, I spent most of my free time working at the family business that my grandpa started in 1962. I was always excited to learn about running a business or serving customers from my grandpa, my dad and my two uncles that worked in the business.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in business from Kansas State University, I started my first company, Manhattan Computers. My small technology business was focused on providing commercial and residential IT support, as well as web development.

It was through my technology company that I became persistent in discovering what makes great businesses successful over a long period of time. I worked hard to implement winning strategies in my company, and it paid off. Two years after starting my business from scratch, I had more clients and business than I could handle.

While serving customers with their technology and websites was fulfilling, I had a stronger desire to help small business owners and people who are self-employed build a business that they could be proud of too. I wanted to share and assist small businesses with the same winning strategies that produce incredible results. So, in 2015, I started coaching businesses and sales professionals who are highly motivated to build a solid business.

Andrew & Lauren Heim


I met my wife, Lauren, at K-State and we got married in the fall of 2012. Lauren is also a solo-entrepreneur, which means we both work from home! Lauren is a hand-lettering artist, and teaches modern hand-lettering workshops, sells products online and in retail stores, and produces custom work with her hand-lettering talent. Shortly after we got married, we added Bear to our family; our soft-coated wheaten terrier.

Even though hard work is a big part of our lifestyle, I’m adamant about balancing business and personal life. Lauren and I love the outdoors, taking walks, backyard living, gardening and good eats.

Personally, I also like to play golf, cook (my wife calls me chef Andy), listen to audiobooks, hunt, fish and enjoy a good cup of coffee.