TBL 051 – The real reasons we fear selling and what to do about them.

I’ve struggled with the fear of selling my whole career, and many of the clients I work with have too. Getting rejected, not feeling like you are good enough, not knowing how to engage in a conversation with someone else about your services – these are all reasons that stop us from putting ourselves out…


TBL 050 – Gaining business momentum by keeping your foot on the gas

There is something you should know about the top professionals in your field – no matter if times or good or times are bad, they “keep their foot on the gas” in their business. It’s about momentum, and when you sustain momentum, everything becomes easier. In today’s episode, I’m sharing ways you can build consistent…

Recovering your business after a downtime - COVID19 pandemic, seasonal business

TBL: S4 BONUS E2 – Business Recovery After Downtime – COVID19, Seasonal Business, Economic Down Time

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: most businesses are going to suffer greatly long after the COVID19 virus is under control. It’s going to be extremely tough to make up for lost time and more importantly lost revenue. With the uncertainty of when the economy will bounce back, it makes this an even steeper up-hill…