What they don't tell you about working from home - The Business Life podcast #035

TBL: S2 E5 – What they don’t tell you about working from home

The “work-from-home” movement has been booming the last few years. Solopreneurs, sales professionals and even employees of large corporations are looking for more flexibility. Working from home certainly has its advantages, but also presents unexpected challenges. No matter if you have worked at a home office for a while, are just starting to, or have…

Streamlining non revenue generating business activities - The Business Life podcast #034

TBL: S2 E4 – Streamlining your non revenue-generating business activities

To have a financially healthy company, it requires you (or your sales team) to be spending the majority of your day on revenue-generating business activities. This is especially true for service-based companies and sales professionals. To build off of Season 2 Episode 2 (“Business efficiency and how it affects your bottom line”), non revenue-generating activities…