TBL: 006 – From one to big: managing business growth with Craig Lauppe, owner of Advanced Property Management

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Craig Lauppe - Owner of Advanced Property ManagementGrowing a business is tough. For new entrepreneurs, it’s a matter of getting your first customers. If you’re good at what you do, you start to get a few more customers. If you’re GREAT at what you do, you often get overwhelmed with growth in your business!

So, what’s it like to grow a business from just you to a team of people and a slew of customers? That’s exactly what I talk about in my interview with Craig Lauppe, owner of Advanced Property Management. I got to know Craig when he first started his property management company with just himself, managing a few rental properties. Over the years, I’ve been able to watch him grow that small company into managing hundreds of properties, building a highly productive team around him and branching out into new adventures. It’s a remarkable feat which takes a lot of patience, planning and people. Take a listen at some of the ways Craig has managed his business’ growth.

About Craig Lauppe, owner of Advanced Property Management and Framework LLC

Craig Lauppe is the President and Majority Owner of Advanced Property Management, Inc. and Framework LLC, which is a construction, remodeling, painting, and maintenance/repair company. He is responsible for overseeing all the day to day operations of the companies, which consists of overseeing, in conjunction with solid teams, that come to work daily working under the scope of their core values, We, Honesty, Quality, Responsive, and Innovative. Advanced Property Management, Inc was originated late Dec. 2010 and has been growing since. Framework LLC was originated in December of 2017. Craig also sits on the Board of Directors for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Craig graduated from Kansas State University in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship through the College of Business Administration and a Minor in Leadership Studies.

Craig has lived in Manhattan since he was 2 years old. Craig is married to Lindsay Lauppe and they have a beautiful young daughter. In his spare time away from work, Craig enjoys spending time with his family and watching/attending athletic events.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • What it’s like in the beginning stages of a startup.
  • Managing business growth by building a great team and good processes.
  • How to manage the stress of a growing business as the business owner.
  • Craig’s #1 piece of advice for managing business growth.

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