One Change May Solve Several Problems in Your Business

Solve multiple problems in your business with one solution

Six steps to building a better business; it’s the process I use to accomplish my mission of helping business owners and sales professionals develop a business they can be proud. If you’re not familiar with the six-step process, here’s the abridged version:

  • STEP #1 – Breaking Things Down
  • STEP #2 – Setting Goals
  • STEP #3 – Getting Organized
  • STEP #4 – Time Management
  • STEP #5 – Sales & Customer Experience
  • STEP #6 – Continuous Improvement

So many businesses and business professionals get stuck because they don’t know what to begin changing or where to focus their efforts; they only know that they want better results. That’s what makes this process so effective; it’s easy to follow. We start with STEP #1, and complete each step before moving on to the next.

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The true goal of STEP #1 is to clear the confusion and take an objective look at your business.

How can you start getting better results in your business?

By understanding what’s causing you to get the negative results. When I help people break things down in their business, we make a list of results or changes they want to see come about. ¬†We’ll divide a sheet of paper into two columns, and list those changes in the left column. In the right column, I’ll list the six steps to building a better business. Then, we draw lines between the changes they desire, and the step that will help bring about those changes.

Let me give you an example:

Jim tells me “he is constantly overwhelmed and can’t manage to get anything accomplished on a daily basis. He doesn’t even know where to begin most days.

Jim wants to work on making progress in his business, not just taking care of problems all day long. If Jim can get more organized (STEP #3) and learn to budget his time better (STEP #4), Jim will be able to be proactive in his business, instead of reactive.

After mapping out each one of your desired results or changes and matching them to the steps, you’ll quickly see that many of your problems are related. Improve one aspect of your business and it can solve several of your problems at one time!

For example, in STEP #3 – Getting Organized, I might work with business owners on developing processes and habits for managing their team. If the owner starts to take interest in each team member’s success, shares the company’s mission repeatedly with the team and ensures that the entire team understands the goals, it can lead to:

  • happier, motivated team members
  • more sales
  • increased customer satisfaction -> which then leads to more referrals
  • higher quality of work [less mistakes, less “dropping the ball”]

All of this is the result of making a few minor adjustments in how you relate to your team!

What I want you to takeaway.

Don’t think that you have a thousand different problems to solve in your business. Match your problems or desired results to actionable steps that you can take using the exercise I outlined above. Find correlations among your problems and you’ll be much more likely to succeed in producing results!

If you’d like help gaining an objective look at your business and areas for improvement, shoot me a message at [email protected] to see if one-on-one business coaching is right for you!