The Business Life podcast: Where success is a lifestyle, not a measurement.

What is "The Business Life?"

For me, business is personal. I grew up working in a family business that was all about serving others well. Then, after graduating college, I started my first company and learned how to personally take care of people’s needs, as well as how to become the type of person that is capable of achieving success. What I found is that success is not necessarily a measurement, it’s a lifestyle. As a business coach, I now have the opportunity to work with individuals on developing the habits, strategies and skills that it takes to be successful: inside and outside of business.

That’s where “The Business Life” Podcast comes into play. I’m taking a look inside the lifestyles, routines, strategies and systems that contribute to living successfully, no matter what your chosen calling happens to be. I’ll do this by interviewing successful business owners and individuals who are leading the field, and offering my own experiences and expertise on creating the impactful lifestyle you desire.


For each episode, I have show notes which contain:

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