Developing a business and a lifestyle that you’re truly proud of starts with commitment. I’m privileged to work with small business owners and motivated professionals to help them achieve just that.

To put it simply, “I take business personally.”

Andrew Heim is a business coach in Kanas City and host of The Business Life podcast.


Hey, thanks for dropping by! By day, I’m a business coach. What does that mean? In short, I work with business owners and other highly motivated professionals to help them get more organized and become efficient with their business.

How does that work? Well, for me, business has always been personal. I grew up in a family business and started my own company in 2010. I’ve seen that success is more about habits and execution than it is about skill and resources. So, I take a very personalized, one-on-one approach, to help clients develop strategies to succeed long term.

I’m not always working though! If you spot me out on the golf course, you might mistake my swing for Rory McIlroy or Rickie Fowler. Hunting, watching sports (especially my K-State Wildcats) and tinkering with projects around the house are some of my favorites too. My wife also likes to call me “Chef Andy” when I’m in the kitchen because of my dangerous cooking skills (literally, watch the knives)!


My aim is to have resources to assist you no matter what stage of business you’re currently in. My advice: start by digesting a little bit and see if it sparks any breakthroughs for you. When you’re ready for more, I’m here to help!


To go along with business coaching, I launched The Business Life podcast in February 2018! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a great reader. Plus, I don’t have a ton of time to read articles on a daily basis. I do, however, enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I’m driving, walking or even working.

That got me to thinking: why not start a podcast so I could provide more value to business owners? It’s not your typical business podcast though; instead of marketing strategies and human resource talk, I explore the lifestyles, habits and routines of successful business owners. The podcast consists of both interviews and topic-specific episodes.


One-on-one business coaching is the staple of what I do. I like to get involved with people who are passionate about what they do, and help them do it better. Often, all it takes is a little bit of clarity and focus to move forward and make progress on your aspirations.

I have carefully crafted unique coaching packages to accommodate the level of assistance you desire. For some, that means getting help designing plans to reach business goals. For others, they want to be able to accomplish more in a day. There’s also an in-depth, comprehensive package for those looking to improve their entire business. Whatever your vision is, I’m ready to help.


Information 24/7. That’s what we’ve grown accustomed to with the Internet. You’re busy and often times help can be just a click away instead of a phone call or meeting away. So, I have a ton of online resources to help solve some of those common problems, whenever it is convenient for you to work on!

Let’s start with the blog: short articles that are broken down by category. Find answers and insights to specific problems. Then there’s the free resources page: activities and downloads you can use to initiate improvement. Finally, learn how to become a highly productive individual with my online course, “Scheduling Your Day Like a Pro.”